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2023-2024 Spring Semester Call for Applications to Graduate Programs

2023-2024 Spring Semester Call for Applications to Graduate Programs
Applications for 2023-2024 Spring Semester graduate programs will be received during the application period: December 20, 2023 to January 30, 2024. Click here for application conditions, quotas and detailed information.
Approval of applications by the Graduate Schools will be made within the application calendar. Once your application is approved by the relevant Institute, no changes can be made to the application. Therefore, do not complete your application without clarifying your preferences and preference order.
The validity period of the GRE exam, which is accepted as equivalent to ALES by  ÖSYM, is 5 (five) years. Click for the ALES-GRE Grade Conversion Table used in our institute.
In order for international candidates to apply to programs whose language of instruction is Turkish, they must upload their C1 level TÖMER certificates obtained from TÖMER/Language centers of state universities in Turkey or Yunus Emre Institute to the system. The validity period of TÖMER certificates is 2 years. However, foreign candidates who have Bachelor's degree and/or master's degrees from programs of universities in Turkey whose language of instruction is Turkish are exempt from the TÖMER C1 certificate. International candidates in this situation must complete their applications by attaching their e-government (e-devlet) graduation certificate instead of the TÖMER C1 certificate.
A maximum of 2 choices can be made for graduate programs. For doctoral programs, a maximum of 1 preference can be made. The order of preference is important in the choices made!!!
ALES and Foreign Language requirements are not required for applications and registrations to our Non-Thesis Master's Programs. Success ranking will be done according to Undergraduate CGPA.
In accordance with the Senate Principles of YTU Graduate Education and Training Regulation, there is no Foreign Language Requirement in the application and evaluation processes for master's programs whose medium of instruction is Turkish.
1) FBE - Graduate Program Applications for Turkish Citizens -2023-2024 Spring Semester
Description: Only T.R. Citizens can apply to this module. 
2) FBE - International Candidates Graduate Program Applications- 2023-2024 Spring Semester 
Description: Only international candidates should apply to this module.
3) FBE Graduate Transfer Application 2023 2024 Spring Semester
Description: Students registered at both YTU and other universities can apply for this module. (Click for Horizontal Transfer Conditions, Article 12 of the Senate Principles.) International candidates cannot apply to this module. 
4) FBE - Applications to 2023-2024 Spring  PhD Programs for the Candidates Graduated from YTU MSc. Programs on 2023-2024 Fall Semester
Description: Only YTU graduates who graduated from YTU Master programs after the 2023 2024 Fall application deadline (graduate students graduating as of September 19, 2023),  can apply.
After the applications are completed and approved by our Institute, the candidates on the main list will enter the OBS system and register online on the relevant dates. In order to be able to register within the registration dates, they must not have a graduate program registration (with thesis) at another higher education institution, in accordance with YÖK and YTU legislation. After the main registration, reserve evaluation rounds will be held as much as the vacant quota, and on the reserve registration dates, the candidate will log into the OBS system and make their registration themselves. In order to be able to register within the registration dates, they must not have a graduate program registration (with thesis) at another higher education institution, in accordance with YÖK and YTU legislation.
If the first preference is granted, the second preference will not be taken into consideration, regardless of whether the candidate registers on the main registration dates or not. For this reason, candidates who want to start their education must register to their primary preferences within the registration calendar.
A candidate who is not placed in his/her first choice but is placed in his/her second choice will not be considered as a substitute in his/her first choice, regardless of whether he/she registers or not. For this reason, candidates who were not placed in their first choice but were successful in their second choice must register within the registration dates.
The above rules are applied in the evaluation of reserve candidates as well as the vacant quota.
Application Flow Chart
2023-24 Spring Semester Application and Registration Calenders: Programs with ThesisNon-Thesis Programs
Applications and Registrations wil be made on OBS system, however the entrance examinations (written and/or oral) will be made face to face at the relevant departments. The date and place of examinations will be announced soon at
The graduation certificates (diploma) and/or Transcripts of records issued by universities outside of Turkey, which cannot be verified electronically, should be presented originally to the Graduate School during the application period. If you have presented international test scores of GRE, TOEFL, PTE, etc. please personally visit Graduate School -Room A2017- during the application period. Please  make sure that you have access to your test accounts. 
Should you have questions which are not already answered in this quide, please contact:
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