• The minimum scores required for application can be altered by the suggestion of the Department and by the decision of the Board of Directors of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering on the condition that the suggested score is not below the minimum.
  • The applicants who haven't yet graduated during the application period must have graduated before they can register into the programs [This is a must under the Graduate Programs Regulations by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK)].
  • The applicants cannot have additional registrations in another graduate program (except for a Non-Thesis MSc. Program) [This is a must under the Graduate Programs Regulations by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK)].
  • For graduates of universities in foreign countries, the equivalency document from the Turkish Council of Higher Education is required.
  • If the university from which the candidate graduated has a 4-point grading scale (if the course grades are letter grades), the 4-point grading system GPA will be entered into the system. The equivalent in the 100 system is not valid. The system automatically provides the 100 system equivalents based on the Turkish Council of Higher Education equivalents. If the university you graduated from only has the 100-system grading, you need to type it in as it is.
  • The English Proficienct Exam by Yıldız-Continuing Education Center is not admissible in Ph.D. program applications and in the applications of programs whose medium of instruction (MSc., Non-Thesis MSc. and Ph.D) is English.
  • The official foreign language at Yıldız Technical University certified by the Board of Directors of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering is English. The languaghe certificates must be the results of the exams that are testing the English Language knowledge. Please click here for the ÖSYM Equivalents. (The Equivalents may differ depending on the announcements and regulations on the date of your exam.)
  • The validity of Yıldız-Continuing Education Center Certificate is 3 (three) years and Turkish Language Certificate is 2 (two) years. 
  • The validity of ALES, GRE, KPDS, ÜDS, YDS, e-YDS, and YÖKDİL certificates is 5 (five) years. Please click here for the GRE exam score equivalents of ALES. Other exams by ÖSYM that are equivalent to YDS are valid within their validity periods themselves.
  • The candidates who qualify for registration must submit the documents from which they have provided the online application system with the information. The right for registration is cancelled when the information on the documents do not match the data provided to the system or any of the documents are not submitted.



  • The applicants with confirmed applications must sit in the science examinaiton on the given date, time and place at the relevant department (oral, written or both accordingly). 
  • The evaluation criteria are as follows:

For MSc./Ph.D. Programs; General Achievement Score= 0.25*Entrance Exam Score+0.25*Bachelor's/MSc. GPA+0.50*ALES (GRE/GMAT) Score

For Non-Thesis MSc. Programs; General Achievement Score= 0.70* ALES (GRE/GMAT) Score+0.30*Bachelor's GPA

  • The candidates who do not sit in the entrance examinations (either oral/written) are considered failed and are not included in the announcement list.



International studetns are required to submit a Turkish proficiency certificate (Türkçe Yeterlik (TÖMER) Belgesi) when applying for graduate programs. This certificate must be at at least (C1) and must be submitted while the student is being registered in to the program for the programs whose medium of instruction is Turkish. For programs whose medium of instruction is English,  this certificate must at least (B1) and must be submitted during their study. This certificate must be given by a language center of one of the state universities in Turkey or by a Yunus Emre Institute.