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YTU GradColloquium'24-Artificial Intelligence

Dear Scientists and Young Researchers,

YTU GradTalks series, organized by the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, brings together graduate students with experienced researchers in priority areas of R&D/innovative topics, while GradWorkshops facilitate interdisciplinary academic discussions. This year, for the first time, YTU GradColloquium aims to contribute to the academic development of early-career graduate students by providing them with the opportunity to present and discuss their research in an international atmosphere. GradColloquium will host panel discussions, poster sessions, and oral presentations in different fields each year.

YTU GradColloquium 2024 is scheduled for June 4, 2024, focusing on the field of "Artificial Intelligence," which is expected to lead to significant socio-economic and scientific changes in the near future and has been witnessing rapid growth. This event aims to bring together young scientists who are conducting thesis research in the field of artificial intelligence, providing them with the opportunity to share their research and experiences and foster new collaborations.

As the organizing committee, we are pleased to invite doctoral/master's students and esteemed academics working in the field of "Artificial Intelligence" to YTU GradColloquium 2024 and look forward to your participation. Please click here for details.

Prof. Dr. Belkıs BİLGİN ERAN

Director, YTU Graduate School of Science and Engineering