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New System (TURNITIN) for Plagiarism Reports

The new system to be used for plagiarism reports is TURNITIN.




Step 1:

You must create a new student account from here first. When creating an account the information below is required:


Class ID (Sınıf Numarası): 17078202

Class Enrollment Key (Sınıf Kayıt Anahtarı): 3833108


Step 2:

Please select (click on) Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Tezler button. You will see the period available for taking reports in accordance with the Graduation Calendars.


Step 3:

Upload your thesis to the system following the rules below:

  • - The theses must be sent in the .pdf version.
  • - You are not allowed to upload a thesis multiple times, therefore upload the thesis that you have completed.
  • - The file name must be in the " name_surname_department_status of the thesis " format. Please write the name of the department and the status in Turkish.
  •           e.g.:for a thesis submitted to jury:
  •                               Ayşe Yıldırım_Bilgisayar Müh_juriye sunulan tez
  •                 for a thesis accepted in the defense exam
  •                               Ayşe Yıldırım_Bilgisayar Müh_Savunma Sınavında Kabul Edilen Tez
  • - Table of contents, List of Symbols, Abbreviations, CV, and References must be deleted
  • - The images (shapes) of the theses whose file size is big (more than 25MB) must be deleted

The theses that do not meet the rules above are not checked for plagiarism.





1: Graduate School staff submits the report to the related officer after the report is prepared. (There is nothing that the student has to do at this point)

2: Only students whose plagiarism percentage is above the limit are contacted. Students whose reports are proper do not receive any mail or message.

3: Please remember that you must have your advisor to sign and must sign the Thesis Defensibility and Plagiarism Report which is required for the first draft submission. 

4. Do not forget to add your supervisor's email address to "CC" when mailing your thesis.