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Graduation Application

2017-2018 Fall Term-1 Graduation e-applications have started. Students planning to graduate within the related term are required to submit an application on via the section "Graduation Processes" and upload their publications during the application. 


Click here for an e-application.



-Click here for the minimum requirements (depending on the registration date to the Graduate School). 

-Click here for information on how to proceed the uploading process. 




Student starts an application, uploads their publication(s) and submits the application. 


-When the student submits their application, it will be checked by the institute and the student will be informed via email whether their application has been approved (students can also check the status of their application on the system). 

Publication information of the student is evaluated by the Institute.


Whether the student meets the publication requirement is confirmed and the student is informed via email (students can also check the status of their application on the system). 

Students who meet the publication requirement submits the "Graduation Publication Requirement Approval Form" and the other required documents to the related office on the dates specified on the graduation calendar as "Submission of final version of the thesis which will be presented to the jury".


-The Graduation Publication Requirement Approval Form is created and emailed to the student after they submit their application. The form is going to be submitted to the department, therefore, it will be only in Turkish.



Students adhere to all other steps and requirements specified in the Graduation Calendar. 


Check our Graduation Calendar for detailed information.