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Graduation Application 1 - Spring Term 2017-2018

2017-2018 Spring Term -1 Graduation Processes Online Application steps are given below. Students planning to graduate within the related term are required to submit an application on via the section "Graduation Processes" and upload their publications during the application. 


To Do Start and Deadline  
Online application for graduation processes 8 Jan-18 Feb 2018  
Publications approval by the Institute 19 Feb-21 Feb 2018  
Theses upload on Turnitin for 1st plagiarism analysis 19 Feb-27 Feb 2018  
Submission of final version of thesis which will be presented to the jury 19 Feb-27 Feb 2018  
Thesis defense jury applications 19 Feb-7 March 2018  
Thesis defense exams 22 Feb-30 March 2018  
Upload the defenced and accepted thesis onto Turnitin 22 Feb-1 Apr 2018  
Submission of the final thesis whose format is checked by a Research Assistant At most 1 month following the defense date  



-Click here for the minimum requirements (depending on the registration date to the Graduate School). 

-Click here for information on how to proceed the uploading process.